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As a business owner, you want to advertise your products and how these can help your customers make life easier for them. One great way to accomplish this is through a sell sheet template that you can use to showcase your products, the specifications, how your customers can utilize these products, and the benefits of these products.

What’s a sell sheet?

A sell sheet template is a 1-page document that details how your service or product can be a solution to a specific issue. In other words, it is a 1-page brochure or advertisement. To make it effective, it has to be visually appealing, persuasively worded, and neatly formatted with a clear call-to-action.

A product sheet template should create an amazing first impression and as such, it should capture the essence of your product’s purpose and your brand’s identity. You distribute this document to prospects either through email, mail, or during events.

The sheet alone should demonstrate your product’s capabilities along with your company’s professionalism. When you distribute sheets that are well-planned, informative, and engaging this demonstrates that your business is truly trustworthy.

Downloadable Templates:

sell sheet template 22

sell sheet template 23

sell sheet template 24

sell sheet template 25

sell sheet template 26

sell sheet template 27

sell sheet template 28

sell sheet template 29

sell sheet template 30

sell sheet template 31

sell sheet template 32

sell sheet template 33

sell sheet template 34

sell sheet template 01

sell sheet template 02

sell sheet template 03

sell sheet template 04

sell sheet template 05

sell sheet template 06

sell sheet template 07

sell sheet template 08

sell sheet template 09

sell sheet template 10

sell sheet template 11

sell sheet template 12

sell sheet template 13

sell sheet template 14

sell sheet template 15

sell sheet template 16

sell sheet template 17

sell sheet template 18

sell sheet template 19

sell sheet template 20

sell sheet template 21


What should be on a sell sheet?

Your sell sheet template should possess some important design elements found in most successful ones. But the decision to construct an effective sales sheet design will ultimately be yours and as such, it should be in your best interest to include these key components:

  • Your business’ logo and the name of your product
    Your target audience needs to know who you are and what you’re offering. Make sure that these elements are prominently displayed while also minding the space you’re using.
  • Visuals elements
    Remember that at its core, the sell sheet layout should attract attention. This means that visuals will play an important role. Include images of your product from different angles. Make sure that your audience will get a good look at what you’re selling.
    Sheets that are strictly composed of texts aren’t convincing. Your audience must visualize themselves leveraging your product. Therefore, make it easier for them by providing images to your sheet.
  • A headline that will catch your audience’s attention
    This will set the tone for the rest of your sheet. Since you have limited space, make sure that the headline is both catchy and concise. Try to come up with something that will capture the essence of your product and the good things it has to offer.
  • An introductory paragraph
    You can provide some perspective on your business’ reliability, esteemed reputation, and identity by starting the sheet with an amazing introductory paragraph. Those who have never heard about your products might feel reluctant to purchase it, even if they’re interested to buy it. Give them an insight that will make them feel convinced. This will also establish your business as an authority in the industry.
  • Product specifications and the benefits it offers
    This will be the real substance of the document as this is where you will prove that your product is worth your audience’s money. You have to convince them about the clear benefits of your product and to support this, you should provide hard statistics to support your claims.
    It is also a good idea to provide specifics about what your product is and how it works. These are necessary but the biggest selling point is still the potential benefits.
  • Data visualization
    Hard data to back up your claims and the product specifications are important, but if you present these in a boring way, chances are, your audience might not even care. It then will be in your best interest to arrange these facts in an appealing manner.
    Also, make sure that the statistics are easy to understand and the best way to do this is by visually presenting them. Don’t let your sheet look like a research paper as your audience won’t care much when presented with a page filled with raw data or text. You need to present the information in a scannable way.
  • Call-to-Action
    This is perhaps the most important component of the sheet. With the right data, visuals, headlines, and other elements, you will make an absolutely compelling sheet. As a result, they will go for your product. This is, of course, is awesome but without a call-to-action, all the excitement might not end in a purchase.

When do you need a sell sheet?

Your sell sheet template must create a good first impression. Despite being very short, the sweet message and sales sheet design will promote the best of your business in a concise package. A great sheet can go a long way in nailing very important interactions with prospective buyers.

For some, this sheet may be the first piece of branded content that a customer might encounter from your business. This, therefore, makes the sheet occupy the top of your sales funnel. It will be your go-to piece of content to use as a leave-behind after an introduction.

Short as it is, the sheet should contain everything that a potential customer needs to know about your product. It should also contain a clear call-to-action that will inform the customer what to do next. Before the advent of fast-paced technology, these sheets and other sales collateral reached prospects through sales reps. Some have gathered dust in reception desks and lobbies or handed out haphazardly.

Fortunately, times have changed. Today, these sheets have become assets. You can send them out email, mail, post them online, or share them on social media. Moreover, you can also supplement them with tables, videos, and customizing features. These will make your sheets more interesting.

How do you make a selling sheet?

After you have structured your business plan, you have now arrived at the most important stage – how to selling your service or product. Many companies usually spend time meeting with people or making calls to pitch a new idea.

Instead of these which, by the way, can be pretty costly, why not resort to a modern alternative like a sell sheet template? Create a sales sheet template that concisely and clearly outlines your new service or product. You can then easily share the sheet with interested stakeholders, prospective clients, and internal teams.

With the right sell sheet layout, this can be a powerful document you can take advantage of to reach out to prospective clients. This makes it essential to create a sheet that’s professional-looking while highlighting that your product is the solution for your audience’s problems. Here are some tips for you when making this sheet:

  • Select a main image for the sheet
    The use of visuals plays a key role in grabbing the attention of prospective customers. The main image should be the biggest element of the sheet and as such, it should be an amazing image. It should emphasize what your service or product is and must be a visual of high quality.
    If possible, you should hire a graphics designer to improve on the prototype you have created for your product image. With some new tools, this professional can make the image stand out.
    If you have further plans on sharing your sheet digitally, why not consider creating a short introductory video as the main visual? You can use online editors that offer a range of visual and interactive modules to help you create your sheet however you want.
  • Come up with a memorable title
    Make sure that the title of your sheet should describe the service or product you will present at first glance. You can also add contact details and dates in this section. Remember that by sharing your digital sheet with responsive links, you can change the title, revise the description, and change the date to update those who have the sheet link anywhere in the world.
  • Add a tagline
    This refers to a catchy phrase that will clearly showcase your product in a 1-line benefit statement. Think of the most significant benefit that your product can provide to your potential customers then convert this into a memorable tagline.
    You must also keep the tagline in mind when choosing your main image. Try to associate the benefit in the main visual. For instance, if you’re selling a real estate app that can simplify the processes of making offers or finding homes. Here, the main image must show buyers feeling relieved while using your app during the process of finding their next home.
  • Provide a description of your concept
    You should clearly explain what your product is all about and the values it can provide your prospective customers in a powerful yet concise manner. You have to make sure to state the issue that brought about the creation of your product’s concept.
    What customer pain points influenced your idea? Since your idea got sparked by an issue that you can clearly see, your product’s concept, thus, inherently solves the problem. Clearly explain how your service or product is the solution to the issue you have outlined.
    Offer an explanation of why a potential customer should choose to use your service or product and how this can make their lives easier. After giving a description of the issue and its solution, you can highlight these in 1 or 2 phrases to make your sheet easier to scan.


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