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Business and Commercial Law

Business Management Structure One of the first and single most important decisions that a business owner will need to make when starting a new business is to figure out which type of business management structure they are going to use when they register their business. Business owners will be able to choose from a number of different business management structures, including:  Corporations (foreign corporations, etc.); Sole proprietorships;  General or limited partnerships; Limited liability companies;  Limited liability partnerships; and Various other business organizations that are permitted by statutes. The business management structure that a business owner chooses can have a significant impact on a company’s future performance or business success...

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Business Dispute Lawsuits

What Are Business Dispute Lawsuits? A business dispute lawsuit is a type of legal action that a party can take when they have a disagreement about a business-related matter or with the business itself, and that disagreement violated the law. Business dispute lawsuits can arise from various business law issues and may involve many different parties. For example, a business can be sued by a consumer, a client, another business, or by a government agency.  The following is a list of some common examples of the types of claims that can provide the basis of a business dispute lawsuit. These include: Breach of...

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Breach of Contract Lawsuit: Suing for Breach of Contract

What is a Breach of Contract? A breach of contract may occur when a party to a valid contract has failed to fulfill their side of the agreement. For instance, the terms of a contract are what guides the parties in what they must do and how they should do it in order to maintain their promise. If a party does not do what the contract instructs that they do, then the non-breaching party will be allowed to take legal action and can file a lawsuit against them in court. A breach of contract can occur as either a partial or a complete breach. A...

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Commercial Law and Contracts

Commercial and contract law is relevant to the sale of goods and services, the sale of property, the exchange of money, employment contracts, and more. These issues are governed by common law rules along with statutes that regulate commercial business transactions. Business lawyers look to case laws and statutes when resolving disputes involving warranties, the sale of goods, negotiable instruments, bulk sales, investments, secured transactions, bank deposits, letters of credit, warehouse receipts and the lease of goods. The overview of commercial law or business law entails: Breach of Contract What Is a Contract? Who Has the Capacity to Contract? What Is a Breach of Contract? Statutory Damages...

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Draft Contract and Review Lawyers: Have our Business Lawyers Review Your Terms and Conditions

What is Contract Drafting? In order to fully comprehend the concept of contract drafting, it may be helpful to know what a contract is first. A contract is generally defined as a legally binding agreement made between parties that acknowledges the rights and duties that govern the arrangement. Contracts can be formed through a writing or created by oral agreement. For the purposes of contract drafting, this only refers to written agreements. Contract drafting is the act of writing down the terms and conditions of an agreement. The parties to a contract may go through several drafts and negotiation sessions before the official contract is...

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Finding The Best Business Lawyers

Definition of a Breach of Contract In business law, a breach of contract occurs when one or both parties fails to perform its duties that are outlined within the contract. Contract law aims to provide damages to the party that was harmed, and restore them to where they were before the breach occurred, or to a position as if the contract had been executed. In cases that a breach of contract causes minimal harm, a business lawyer can help their client recover damages, such as: contract rescission, specific performance, or contract modification. Awards for cases that involve extensive damage to the plaintiff may include monetary...

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How to Become an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a representative of an insurer and may be employed to sell insurance policies to clients. Insurance agents sell and negotiate life, general and medical insurance to match the needs of their clients. The insurance products are tailor made to serve all the client needs. An agent implement marketing strategies to promote new and current insurance policies such as; developing relationships with prospective clients through networking and referrals, evaluating the needs of their clients and propose plans that will meet the criteria, as well as the clients’ financial status and develop a protection plan by quoting rates for immediate...

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Legal and Business Templates

Welcome and Warm Greetings: Your legal and business solutions start here. We are Kenyan lawyers and business specialists. Our online legal and business services offer you a whole new dimension in B2B services by delivering top-quality, in-depth, and highly responsive business and legal templates. We have compiled over 30,000 customizable smart templates/forms to be used whenever needed.  The templates/forms are flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed, may be downloaded without charge from the website are in the following categories: Legal, Business, Real Estate, Personal, Arts and Media. The templates can be used for the following industries: Small and Medium...

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How to Start an IT Firm in Kenya

If you enjoy the fast-paced world of IT, then venturing into the industry will be a good fit and we are going to guide you on how to go about it. Kenya is the innovation leader in technology in emerging markets in both East and Central Africa and is considered as one of the three top innovation hubs in Sub-Sahara Africa. So, the following are some of the statistics about Kenya, in light of the digital space: Kenya’s population Kenya had a population of 54.38 million in January 2021.Kenya’s population increased by 1.2 million (+2.3%) between January 2020 and January 2021.50.3% of Kenya’s population is female, while 49.7% of its population is male.28.2% of Kenya’s population lives...

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How To Start A Construction Company in Kenya

When you start a construction company in Kenya, you are assured it is going to be profitable. With more people buying land and developing them, everyone is procuring construction services. A lot goes into starting and growing a construction company in Kenya. While funding is critical, numerous research is needed to grow a successful construction company. Below we highlight some of the most critical steps you need to take to succeed in your construction company.  1) Come Up With A Business Plan A business plan is an essential strategic tool for any entrepreneur. And So, it goes without saying, when you are looking to...

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Choosing Between a Business Name, Limited Liability Partnership and Company Formation in Kenya

If you are an entrepreneur, you are on the right track. Before proceeding to venture into any business, however, it is important to know the basics of different company formation in Kenya that will best suit your business, not just in the short term, but long term as well. Business Name A business name simply means a name which a business trades under for commercial purposes. In registrations, the business name is the category where sole proprietorship and basic partnerships fall into. It is suitable for not just single-owned businesses and partnerships, but also for businesses that are not already looking forward...

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Costs of Registering a Company in Kenya

Before there is money, there is business. In order to create all the wonderful things you want in life, like…A beautiful, spacious home, a team of domestic support, and a great education for your children…Plus, a 57-acre horse ranch where you can live with no intrusions aside from the gentle sound of birds and ponies whinnying in the distance…Before you can have any of that, you need to do some business.Because all these things start first with a vision — a vision that is accompanied by business calculations that helps you determine exactly how to get there. Here is how to...

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