Raymond Nduga


Raymond N.

Raymond Nduga

Director/Corporate -LLB. Moi University, CPA, DIP(KSL)


Mr. Nduga’s practice areas comprise of Civil and Commercial focus; environmental law, estate planning; personal injury; industrial action, employment law; co-operative law; immigration; constitutional law, and public interest litigation.

Experience and Interests

Mr. Raymond Nduga specializes in the areas of commercial and corporate law, tax law, banking, insurance and securities law, investment law, employment law, immigration law, and real estate and construction law. Experience and critical thinking play an important part in his practice. He is an ardent business negotiator.

A considerable part of Raymond’s professional life has involved working with entrepreneurs, as well as the entrepreneur himself. His mentorship by Timothy E. Leahy (a retired US and Canadian lawyer) on matters business platform gives him unique insight into the challenges innovative companies face. He is currently developing an online system for legal and business consultancy services that integrate legal advice with business considerations that could have a significant impact on the success of these types of organizations. 

Also, Mr. Nduga is the director of RAYNESS ANALYTICA, LLC, an online legal and business consultancy with over 70,000 free downloadable templates in every discipline. He has also been involved in a variety of consulting assignments including preparations of due diligence reports, mergers and acquisition, and other similar assignments.

He likes reading novels. He reads everything!
His best novel read is THE FIRM by JOHN RAY GRISHAM. The 5th Floor of The Firm, Bendini, Lambert & Locke was Amazing! DeVasher!

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