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A requisition form is a document used when making an official request. You send this form to the branch or department you’re requesting something from. For instance, if you need materials to complete a project, then you should fill up a material requisition form. Or if you need to purchase some items for your monthly supplies, then you need to submit a purchase requisition form. The form will vary depending on the organization and the purpose.


What is a requisition form?

A requisition form is an important tool in different industries and organizations. You use it to procure goods or services from a company, a branch, a department, and more. Organizations should have their own requisition form template in case any of their employees need to make a request.

If you need to make an official request, this you can use this form which typically comes in a standardized format. You either need to fill up a piece of paper or an online form depending on what’s available in your organization. This type of form, whether it’s digital or physical, would include:

  • Details about what you’re requesting for
  • The date you made the request
  • The name of the person or the department making the request

You can also include other information depending on the nature of the form and the needs of your organization. After getting approved, store the requisition form along with similar documents like invoices, purchase orders, and others.


Downloadable Templates:

requisition form 33

requisition form 34

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requisition form 37

requisition form 38

requisition form 39

requisition form 40

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requisition form 22

requisition form 23

requisition form 24

requisition form 25

requisition form 26

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requisition form 28

requisition form 29

requisition form 30

requisition form 31

requisition form 32


Basic elements of a requisition form

If you need to initiate a request for materials, actions or services, the perfect way to do this is through a requisition form. For instance, if you need supplies for your department, submit an accomplished purchase requisition form to the proper department.

If you’re in charge of creating the requisition form template, you can create a digital form or a paper form. Although the contents of this form may vary depending on the organization, it would typically contain these basic elements:

  • the name of the requestor
  • the date of the request
  • the items, actions or services requested for
  • the date of delivery
  • the location of the delivery
  • the department in charge of making deliveries
  • the signature of the requestor

Such forms are important, especially in large organizations and companies with centralized purchasing and different locations. To ensure the productivity of employees, the requisition processes must be very organized.

Types of requisition forms

The requisition process is where you formally make a request for something. To do this, filling up the appropriate requisition form and submitting it to the proper person or department. This process is a standard method for accounting for each requisition made by employees, departments, and branches. Here are some of the most common types of requisition form templates:

  • Advance requisition form
    This is commonly used in the world of non-government organizations or NGOs. Most of the time, when field workers need to spend any money to accomplish projects, they can use this form. This form contains relevant information for the person managing the finances of the organization. Through the form, the finance person can come up with an estimation of the budget needed for project expenses for the next month.
  • Materials requisition form
    This is a type of source document used by the production department to request materials for their manufacturing processes. It’s the production manager’s job to fill out the materials requisition form and submit it to the storage or materials department which provides all of the raw materials.
  • Personnel requisition form
    You need this form if you require new personnel to fill a position in your department. Submit the form to the department in charge of personnel acquisition as soon as you realize that a vacant position will open up. The earlier you do this, the earlier your HR department can start the hiring process.
  • Purchase requisition form
    This document is important if you need to request your company’s purchasing department to order supplies, merchandise or materials. The different departments can use a purchase requisition form to inform the purchasing department that they need these items for their work.
    Just like the other requisition form templates, this form is a type of internal document. This means that it doesn’t represent a contractual agreement with an external party. Its main purpose is to inform the receiving department that they need to purchase items needed by the other departments.
  • Test or laboratory requisition form
    This type of form differs from the others because it’s commonly used by those outside of the organization. Patients must submit this form if they’re requesting any type of test from a clinic, a hospital or any other kind of medical institution.
    Depending on the procedures of the medical institution, you may have to submit several forms if you need to have multiple tests conducted. This type of form includes the following information:
    The information of the patient which is very important, especially for the purpose of billing.
    The name of the ordering laboratory or physician which contains all of the details about the test/s requested.
    The billing information, especially when there are several billing options for the patient. If you don’t choose any of the options, you will get billed directly.
    Information about the specimens collected. If the specimen isn’t blood, you have to identify your specimen’s source, especially in the case of bodily fluids and biopsy tests.
    The selection of tests requested for.

What is a requisition form used for?

A requisition form is a type of document used by patients or employees to officially request for specific items, actions or services. In some cases, you need to describe what you’re requesting for and provide your reason for making the request.

After accomplishing the form, you send it to the proper department so they can review your request and decide whether they will approve or deny it. This form is very important for many reasons:

  • One of the main purposes of this form is to ensure transparency in the organization. If you need to request for anything, you have to provide a justification for that request. This keeps everything transparent for everyone, and it also helps prevent overspending, especially on items which cost a lot.
  • The form is also important for compatibility and functionality. There are some products which you need to specify for these purposes. It will be a waste if you request for items which end up incompatible with the systems and equipment you have. Also, the descriptions written on the form ensure that the items requested for will serve the proper function.
  • The document is also important so you can get the best possible deal when you need to purchase items. For instance, you can compare all of the submitted forms and see the items they have in common. Then you can purchase those items all at the same time to get a discount.

How does a requisition form differ from a purchase order?

Purchase requisition forms and purchase order forms are important documents in any organization. You use them both in the process of procuring supplies and materials for your company to keep operating smoothly. But these forms differ from each other. Even though they’re part of a single process, they serve different purposes.

A purchase requisition is an internal type of document that’s typically submitted to the company’s purchasing department. It contains a list of items needed by the department which submitted it. Then the purchasing department orders these items from outside suppliers and merchants.

Although the contents of this form may vary from one company to another, they should contain the basic information needed by the purchasing department including:

  • The name of the requestor
  • The quantity of materials or items requested
  • A description of the materials or items requested
  • The name of the supplier or vendor where the purchasing department will acquire the requested items
  • The estimated purchase price

Upon receipt, the purchasing department will either approve or deny the request. For minor purchases, most companies allow the departments who need the items to purchase them directly using the credit card of the company. For such purchases, they don’t need to prepare and submit a requisition form. But for larger purchases wherein the expense needed exceeds a specified amount, the form is a must.

If the purchasing department approved the requisition, it would create a purchase order. They submit this purchase order for approval to the management first. Then they give it to the outside suppliers to initiate a sales transaction. Purchase orders are important too, and they should contain the following information:

  • The name of the purchasing company
  • The items to purchase
  • The delivery address
  • The terms of payment
  • The instructions regarding invoicing
  • The purchase order number

For record-keeping purpose, purchase orders usually have an identical number as the purchase requisition associated with it. After the outside supplier accepts the order, it then becomes a binding agreement for the seller (the supplier) and the buyer (the company).


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