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Living in the 21st century, where everyone carries expensive gadgets in their hands and have access to internet on the go, people often wonder why they need a business card and debate whether social media has made them obsolete? Well, then these people are truly mistaken. Business cards are not dead yet, they still matter! There are many things about these physical business cards that no matter how advance the technology becomes, their purpose can never be defeated.


Moreover, the business cards have not lasted for so long because of nostalgia or tradition; these little pieces of cards still add value to the networking experience. No matter where you are and where you go, a business card permits you to sell and introduce your business to your nearby customers. By giving information about your business in one smooth motion, these business cards can never lose their worth and never go out of date. Not to forget, these cards are one of the main sources of a physical call to action (CTA) for your business.

We should not replace business cards because of the technology; instead, we should see that they have become more worthwhile because of the technology. You can make your business cards templates in any shape now, from soft to metal and from 3D to even edible. You can add creativity to the business card template in any way you want. Also, you can find some really great ideas about business cards templates on the web in the form of filled and even blank business card templates. Also, you need not worry about their cost, as they are free business card templates.

If you are interested in revising or re-making a new, interesting and creative business card template for your business, then you can download some from our website.


Downloadable Templates:

business card template 17

business card template 19

business card template 20

business card template 21

business card template 22

business card template 23

business card template 24

business card template 25

business card template 26

business card template 27

business card template 28

business card template 29

business card template 31

business card template 34

business card template 35

business card template 36

business card template 37

business card template 38

business card template 39

business card template 40

business card template 41

business card template 01

business card template 04

business card template 05

business card template 06

business card template 07

business card template 08

business card template 09

business card template 10

business card template 11

business card template 12

business card template 13

business card template 14

business card template 15

business card template 16


Here’s what else you can expect from our legal and business services,

We can help you to:

    • Organize and structure all departments of your business;
    • Be more efficient by smoothing business processes;
    • Guide your team tasks with standard operating procedures;
    • Save a lot of time and boost your productivity;
    • Save thousands of money in lawyer fees;
    • Grow your business and close great deals; and
    • On matters: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Court Litigation.

It’s time to bring your business to another level. Start to optimize and streamline your business today. Get all the professional-grade business templates you need to plan, start, organize, manage, finance, and grow your business; one click away in the below links!


For our ONLINE legal and business services, please follow this instruction:

    1. click the following website link, www.raynessanalytica.com.
    2. once on the website’s homepage, an ONLINE brown chat box will appear at the right bottom end of screen;
    3. click on the chat tab, insert NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER; and
    4. proceed when ready, letting us know the issue(s) and eliciting HELP from our lawyers and business specialists.

P.S. Sometimes all that’s needed is a form, document or tip that can solve problems or issues that repeat in your life or business. To save you from unnecessary legal costs by hiring lawyer(s), here are customizable smart templates/forms that you can use as often as you need; flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed. Click the following link, FREE CUSTOMISABLE LEGAL TEMPLATES to search for the desired template, download it and embark on your great legal adventure – and don’t forget to bring the bug spray. For each template, we have numerous different customizable documents.

Go to the “Order Now” page and make a request.

We look forward to addressing your concerns and earning your trust and confidence in us!


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