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When supervising an apartment complex, a housing facility or even a residential building, your tenants at one time or another, may call you to fix a problem in their units. It could be as simple as a dripping faucet or major electrical issues. Notifications for such issues can come in the form of random calls, emails or even online requests. To handle these maintenance problems in an organized manner, you should use a maintenance request form.


Why do you need a maintenance request form?

The advancement of technology has resulted in the maintenance of many different things. In the office, for instance, the structure, the maintenance of equipment, the workplace, and even company transports have become a necessity. You need these to keep your assets from deterioration and to make sure that everything is in top condition.

Whatever type of maintenance, whether it be vehicles or an apartment complex, the use of a maintenance request form provides you with all of the documents you need for maintenance issues. You can either make your own maintenance request form or download them online, then edit them to suit your needs.


Downloadable Templates:

maintenance request form 04

maintenance request form 05

maintenance request form 06

maintenance request form 07

maintenance request form 08

maintenance request form 09

maintenance request form 10

maintenance request form 11

maintenance request form 12

maintenance request form 13

maintenance request form 14

maintenance request form 15

maintenance request form 16

maintenance request form 17

maintenance request form 18

maintenance request form 19

maintenance request form 20

maintenance request form 21

maintenance request form 22

maintenance request form 23

maintenance request form 24

maintenance request form 25

maintenance request form 26

maintenance request form 27

maintenance request form 28

maintenance request form 29

maintenance request form 30

maintenance request form 31

maintenance request form 32

maintenance request form 33

maintenance request form 34

maintenance request form 35

maintenance request form 36

maintenance request form 37

maintenance request form 38

maintenance request form 39

maintenance request form 40

maintenance request form 41

maintenance request form 42

maintenance request form 43

maintenance request form 44

maintenance request form 45

maintenance request form 46

maintenance request form 47

maintenance request form 48

maintenance request form 49

maintenance request form 50

maintenance request form 51

maintenance request form 52

maintenance request form 53

maintenance request form 54

maintenance request form 01

maintenance request form 02

maintenance request form 03


You can also use a maintenance request form template to gather maintenance requests and prioritize these according to urgency. Of course, you have to deal with urgent matters first. With this organized manner of dealing with issues, your tenants will appreciate such a level of service. Here are other reasons for needing a maintenance work order template:

  • To make the maintenance request process simpler
    A maintenance request form can simplify the maintenance request process as using these will standardize your method of handling maintenance requests. Without a maintenance work order form, tenants might give you half-baked explanations about their complaints and you won’t know what the problem is. Even worse, you might not even know who sent you the message.
    Such situation could be extremely frustrating and irritating. On the other hand, if tenants use repair request forms, you will have a precise and clear record of who makes the request, when they made it, and what the request is.
  • When you receive a maintenance work order form, you can handle the problem more effectively because the form provides all the information you’ll need to deal with it. You can start looking for the right specialists and contractors to work on each problem.
    If you own more than 3 properties, you should know how difficult it is to keep all of your tenants in line when it comes to maintenance issues. Using a maintenance request form template is an excellent way for you to get started on organizing your maintenance requests.
  • To make you aware of your responsibilities and deadlines when you have projects
    Having maintenance work order templates on-hand help you control the entire maintenance process with ease. With this, you can manage all of the members of your team and keep track of how to solve the repairs requested and when you plan to solve them. You can check the progress of work throughout the whole process.
    To monitor and ensure your project’s success, you can send an email maintenance request form template to help you communicate with your team members and suppliers and update everyone on your project’s status. You can use this form to access all required information regarding the support process and for the improvement of deliveries.

The importance of maintenance

Maintenance is an important factor in keeping your equipment, your home, your car, and more, running in top condition. It can also prevent the occurrences of environmental hazards that might cause injuries, accidents, and even those that prove fatal. Maintenance of assets may include a number of tasks like replacing, repairing, servicing, testing, and inspecting.

You should perform maintenance regularly to ensure the safety of assets while preventing deterioration. Depending on the nature of the tasks, there are different types of maintenance to perform including:

  • Corrective maintenance
    This involves correcting the defects on equipment.
  • Maintenance prevention
    This involves designing new equipment and finding weaknesses. You subject this equipment to sufficient studies which are then incorporated before purchase.
  • Periodic maintenance
    This involves the periodic inspection of equipment along with the cleaning and servicing of parts to avoid any sudden failures.
  • Predictive maintenance
    This involves making predictions on the condition of the equipment based on your diagnosis and inspection. You would predict this maintenance based on the lifespan of the parts you used on the equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance
    This involves maintaining the good condition of equipment to prevent its deterioration and failure.

What to include in a maintenance request form for tenants?

When supervising an apartment complex or the like, there are some responsibilities that you would have like making sure that the supply of water and heat are always in working order. Beyond these basic requirements, you should define the liability of responsibility for maintenance in your lease agreement.

As a landlord, you have the responsibility to fix issues and damages that aren’t caused by the misuse of the property. Should this happen, the tenant will make a request for maintenance whenever something happens. Your tenants can notify you by phone or through writing. When many such requests come in, this can become confusing. But the use of the maintenance work order template can help you stay organized.

After receiving a request from one of your tenants, you must decide what you plan to do about the repair and when will you respond. In cases where the property’s habitable condition is at stake like when there’s no electricity or running water, most states require an immediate response where you should fix the problem within 24 hours.

For non-emergencies, you will have a period between 5 to 7 days to respond to the repair request forms. There are also instances where you find out that the problem was actually caused by a tenant due to neglect or misuse. As such, you can send your tenant a bill to cover the cost of repairs as long as you specified this in your lease agreement.

ou can provide your tenants with copies of the maintenance request form when they move in. This will make things easier between the two of you to deal with maintenance issues later. The form may look simple but it provides the structure you need to collect requests in the most organized way. Moreover, every bit of information provided by the tenant in the form will be essential to your business:

  • Information about the tenant
    When one of your tenants files a request, the first thing you want to gather is the information about the tenant. This information can be very important although it will depend on the number of properties you manage or own. It’s best to ask your tenant for personal information like his name, unit or apartment number, contact details, and the date when he filed the request.
  • Details about the maintenance request
    The next section of the form will be a simple list of the requests. The form can have a few blanks that you ask your tenant to fill out as needed. Although you can allow your tenants to list more requests in one form, limiting it to a maximum of 4 to 5 can keep things moving more effectively.
  • Statements for granting permission
    There are some landlords who choose to omit this section in their maintenance forms. But this section can be very helpful for organizing all of the requests and completing them. Here, your tenant will give you permission to start work as soon as possible or on a date you both agreed upon. With this permission, you can start repairs even without sending a notice of entry. This saves everyone a lot of time.
  • Notification and delivery
    This section provides a checklist to your tenant that specifies how you want them to deliver the notice to you. You can either ask them to drop it off at your office or have them mail the form to you. Make this very clear to the tenant when you give the blank maintenance repair form templates.

You should also let your tenants know if they should also call you to inform you that they have sent in maintenance requests. Some landlords find this redundant although others like this redundant layer of notification. Ultimately, it will be your call.

Requesting for maintenance for tenants

For general maintenance issues or the non-urgent types, tenants should make sure that they give their property manager or landlord as many details and information as possible. If they deem it relevant, provide the landlord with a list of each item that needs repair and include the relevant details, whether it is an electric or gas appliance, the make and model, the brand, and in which room to perform maintenance. This enables the landlord to act on the issue at the soonest possible time.

Once the landlord or property manager receives the request, they have to give access to a specialist or contractor the unit to make the necessary repairs. In cases of major repairs, an initial quote may be necessary for the landlord to approve before they can complete any repairs. For urgent repairs, if the issue occurs during business hours, tenants need to contact the landlord or property manager immediately to report urgent issues.


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